The Parent Voices Initiative (PVI) Global Registry of Stillbirth Support Organizations & Individuals is a registry of organizations around the world that provide any type of support to those affected by stillbirth. The Registry also includes “point persons”, individuals who are based in countries with few (or no) support organizations, who offer support to those affected by stillbirth. If you wish to find support check out the registry here.

If you are a representative of such an organization, or a point person in a country with few other support options, we hope that you will join the Registry! There is no fee for joining, and access to the Registry is free for all. Simply click on the relevant button below and fill in the online application form. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, please contact Thank you so much for your interest!

Are you an organization or an individual?

The International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) provides information on stillbirth support for the benefit of individuals seeking support or information about stillbirth. Inclusion of an organization or individual on the Registry does not constitute ISA’s endorsement or support of any such organization or individual or of any services, programs or information they may provide. Individuals should always consult their physician for any medical questions.

If you would also like to join ISA as a member, click here.