ISA is a global network spanning all continents and with members in 38 countries. We work through collaborations with like-minded organizations and networks by contributing our expertise for the benefit of a shared objective, project, or mission.

  • The Align MNH movement: ISA will have a strong presence at the first Align MNH event, IMNHC 2023 in Cape town in May 2023. ISA will take steps to implement both the PVI toolkits in developing country settings, and will launch the ‘Global Guide for Stillbirth Advocacy and Implementation’.


  • The Every Newborn Action Plan (ENAP) initiative: ISA is an active member of the ENAP partnership and ensures that stillbirth is appropriately integrated into the maternal and newborn continuum of care approach.
  • The Health Newborn Network (HNN): ISA works with the HNN community to ensure that stillbirth is included in the newborn care agenda. HNN hosts a series of blogs by ISA about stillbirth.

We believe in collaborations to create a cohesive action based on valuable insights to address stillbirth prevention. If you would like to collaborate with ISA, please join us or contact us at