We believe that collaboration environments offer new ways to work, more innovation, increased opportunities, and improved outcomes. Collaborative working groups are particularly helpful as the outputs benefit from a variety of inputs and perspectives.

Until 2023 ISA had three working groups, each with a key focus area: advocacy, bereavement, and prevention. In order to optimize our resources and maximize the impact of our efforts we merged the three into a single cohesive working group under the Stillbirth Advocacy Working Group (SAWG). While each of the three groups had unique strengths and areas of specialization, by merging them, we harnessed the synergies that arise from their combined skills, experiences, and perspectives. This led and will lead to more comprehensive and well-rounded solutions to the challenges we face in addressing stillbirths and newborn deaths.

The Stillbirth Advocacy Working Group (SAWG) holds digital meetings every first Wednesday of the month. SAWG offers an equal platform for a variety of stakeholders – parents, family, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, health managers, students – to collaborate, engage, and advocate. 

The working group is co-chaired by:

Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Hannah Blencowe, Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

with additional rotating co-chairs from the former prevention and bereavement working groups (TBC).

Do you want to join SAWG? Please click here. Note that you must be an ISA member to be part of the ISA Working Group. 

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Upcoming Meetings

Timezone Wed 5th June Wed 3rd July
12 pm
8 pm
New York
8 am
5 pm
1 pm
10 pm
2 pm
11 pm
Cape Town
2 pm
11 pm
New Delhi
5:30 pm
2:30 am*
8 pm
5 am*
10 pm
7 am*
10 pm
7 am*

*Meeting takes place on the next day.