ISA is comprised of three working groups

We believe that collaboration environments offer new ways to work, more innovation, increased opportunities, and improved outcomes. The ISA has three working groups representing groups of people who work together on a project or a theme. Collaborative working groups are particularly helpful as the outputs benefit from a variety of inputs and perspectives.

The ISA working groups allow for real-time collaboration and engagement. They offer an equal platform for a variety of stakeholders – parents, family, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, health managers, students – to collaborate, engage, and advocate. A variety of themes are discussed between these working groups.

You may participate in more than one working group. If you are interested to join, please send email at with the Subject: Working Group.

We encourage ISA membership for individuals or partnership for organisations to participate in the ISA working groups.

The three ISA working groups are each led by two Co-Chairs who are supported by a secretary, who provide their time and input on voluntary basis. We are extremely grateful for their motivation and support for such an engagement. The groups have one hour digital meetings with different frequency.

Prevention Working Group

The Prevention Working Group undertakes activities to support the ISA’s mission of prevention of stillbirths and newborn deaths based on The Lancet’s Stillbirth Series call to action, and aims to position stillbirth in the context of maternal and child health i.e. across the continuum of pregnancy, birth and newborn health. Recognizing the overlap in causes and risk factors for stillbirth and neonatal deaths, the group’s aim is to incorporate neonatal deaths in the scope of work for all relevant activities.

Co-chaired by:

Dr. Linda Vanotoo, CEO, Sound Health/ PROMISE Initiative, Ghana
Dr. Billie Bradford, Senior Research Officer, Mater Research – University of Queensland, Australia

The Co-Chairs are supported by Harriet Lawford (Australia).

Bereavement Working Group

The Bereavement Working Group supports the ISA mission to improve understanding of grief and bereavement and to enhance the care provided to parents and families when a baby dies before or soon after birth. The group’s shared vision is to improve access to quality care for all those touched by stillbirth or neonatal death. This includes support for mothers, fathers, and families as well as those who care for them across a range of healthcare and community settings.

Co-chaired by:

Fran Boyle, Associate Professor, The University of Queensland, Australia
Claire Storey, ISA’s Director of Bereavement, Community, and Parent Voice

The Co-Chairs are supported by Stacey Fletcher (USA).

Stillbirth Advocacy Working Group

The stillbirth advocacy working group supports the ISA mission of advocacy to help end preventable stillbirths and support families and caregivers after a stillbirth or newborn death. “Advocacy” is defined as influencing policy and practice to effect change. The vision of this group is a world in which preventable stillbirths no longer occur, and care for families and health workers after stillbirths is compassionate, high-quality, and culturally appropriate.

Co-chaired by:

Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Hannah Blencowe, Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

The Co-Chairs are supported by Olga Joos (USA) and Aliki Christou (Belgium).