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ISA’s mission is to raise awareness and promote global collaboration for the prevention of stillbirth and newborn death and provision of appropriate respectful care for all those affected. 

The ISA works to achieve our mission by collaborative development and implementation of a strategic plan that sets out specific goals and activities.

Our current strategic plan (below) covers the period 2016 to 2020. The plan gives a brief introduction and context to our work, lays out our mission, vision and guiding principles, and specifies five strategies for mission achievement.

Within each of these strategies, ISA aims to ensure sufficient action to make change happen. We have an opportunity for YOU to engage with us to ensure this!

1. Collaboration: Promote collaboration between organizations and individuals including parents, bereavement carers, health care professionals, researchers and policy makers.

2. Capacity building: Increase local capacity to address stillbirth.

  • TAKE ACTION: Learn about our joint work with our Australia-based Regional Office, the Stillbirth Centre for Research Excellence, on IMPROVE, a hands-on training workshop to build clinical skills for management of perinatal deaths. Share with a clinical colleague and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

3. Awareness: Increase the availability of high-quality evidenced-based information on stillbirth.

  • TAKE ACTION: Check out our Resources tab and consider sharing what you find with a friend or colleague. If you tweet, use our hashtag, #EndStillbirths @ISAStillbirth

4. Prevention: Promote best practice in stillbirth prevention and facilitate high quality research and audit which addresses causes of stillbirth.

5. Bereavement care: Improve the delivery of appropriate care for parents.

6. Sustainability: Ensure a strong and healthy organization.

  • TAKE ACTION: Consider donating. Any amount is helpful! We use your generous donations for mission-focused activities such as helping bring delegates from low- and middle-income countries to our annual conferences. 

We will be developing a new strategy for 2021-2025 to align with global processes related to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Every Newborn Action Plan, which set out interim targets related to stillbirth prevention for 2025. Let us know if you have suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Links to our current and previous Strategic Plan


In 2014 and 2015 took the time to do a thorough internal review before proceeding with the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.




We create meaningful connections for our members around the world.

Global impact

We seek out partnerships on every continent to realize our mission of ending preventable deaths and ensuring respectful care


We work with our member organizations to connect people locally across the globe and thereby improve standards of care within their region.

Saving Lives

By unifying the work being done in research, clinical practice and communities, we are helping reduce the unacceptably high loss of lives through stillbirth.

Data Driven

We support rigorous scientific research to ensure effective action for stillbirth and newborn death prevention and bereavement support.