International Stillbirth Alliance

Nonkululeko Shibula

Nonkululeko Shibula

ISA Board Member

Nonkululeko Shibula is a certified bereavement doula and perinatal loss advocate, as well as the founder of Umzanyana, a non-profit organization. Inspired by a deeply personal experience—the stillbirth of her baby girl in 2010 Shibula has since become a leading voice in her community and beyond.

As a published author, Shibula has contributed multiple articles and a blog to the HNN network and Batswadi Magazine respectively, sharing insights and experiences related to perinatal loss. Her commitment extends beyond the written word, as she actively supports families in her community emotionally, guiding them through the difficult journey of perinatal loss and aiding in the creation of lasting memories for their babies.

She conducts support groups and workshops with clinicians, focusing on empathy and compassion in the context of stillbirth. Additionally, through Umzanyana, Shibula and her team donate resources to disadvantaged families who have experienced stillbirth, providing both emotional and material support.

Umzanyana plays a crucial role in education and resource-sharing, reaching out to professionals in need of information and support to prevent and address stillbirth. Through these efforts, Shibula is committed to fostering a world where the stigma surrounding perinatal loss is replaced with empathy and understanding, ultimately striving towards the prevention of stillbirth