Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the ISA community!

According to our latest ISA Member Survey, the main reason individuals and organizations join ISA and what they cherish most is “to be part of a community with a mission to raise awareness and promote global collaboration for the prevention of stillbirth and newborn death and the provision of appropriate respectful care for all those affected” – the ISA Mission! As an ISA member you choose how you want to contribute towards this mission.

As an ISA member, you will have access to the ISA working group and the ISA Members Present sessions. ISA membership facilitates global collaborations, networking, and knowledge sharing towards ISA’s mission. We are proud to offer a common platform for parents, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, program managers, and well-wishers to connect, collaborate and learn.

As an ISA member, you get to use the ISA Membership Badge on your website, for presentations, etc. And as an organizational member, you may want to be listed on the ISA website so that you can easily be found by those looking for your services or collaboration.

Please note that members from low-income countries as per the World Bank list of economies are exempt from paying membership fees. Please also feel free to contact us directly at if you want to join ISA but cannot afford the fee.

Membership fees are as follows:

  • Bereaved parent or other family member / Student / Supporter USD 25 per year
  • Health professional / staff USD 50 per year
  • All-volunteer organization USD 75 per year
  • Organization with paid staff USD 250 per year

Please do read our Membership Requirements Policy. And if you have any questions, contact us.

If you want to join our journey in saving lives and supporting those affected by stillbirth or newborn death, join us today! We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

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