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Advocacy Working Group

Welcome to the Stillbirth Advocacy Working Group, otherwise known as the SAWG! All are warmly welcome to join our group. Please click “Join us” below! Please follow us at @CountStillbirth and use hashtags #Stillbirths #EndStillbirths

To learn more about our work and how you can take action, take some time to explore the links below. Please feel free to email us at with your questions and comments!


Our vision: A world in which preventable stillbirths no longer occur, and care for families and health workers after stillbirths is compassionate, high-quality, and culturally appropriate.

Our mission:

1. Develop and support a network that advocates for stillbirth prevention and care within the existing global architecture (Global Strategy, Every Newborn Action Plan, Quality-Equity-Dignity, etc.)

2. Ensure key evidence and data are visible, resourced, tailored appropriately for key audiences, and linked to accountability at country level and globally

3. Seize key moments to advocate for stillbirth prevention and care

4. Empower “bottom-up” advocacy from parents and parent groups

SAWG in action

SAWG members work together around the world and in our own countries and communities to realize the 4 pillars of our mission: building a global NETWORK, promoting DATA as a tool for accountability, seizing KEY MOMENTS for advocacy, and supporting PARENT advocacy.Explore the tabs below to learn more about our work and think about how you can help.

Opportunities for action

Whether or not you are a SAWG member, there is something you can do. Explore the tabs below and take action today!

Key events

A pillar of our mission is to “Seize key moments” as opportunities to raise awareness of stillbirth. Please let us know about relevant events missing from our calendar!

Monthly meetings

The core of SAWG is our members. We come from many countries on every continent, and we include parents, researchers, clinicians, government staff, students, and more. On the first Wednesday of every month, we meet virtually to share news and information. Find out more by exploring the tabs below!

About the SAWG

The SAWG is a group of parents, clinicians, researchers, policymakers, students and others who are interested in using ADVOCACY as a tool to help end preventable stillbirths and support families and caregivers after a death.In short, we are the ADVOCACY ARM of the International Stillbirth Alliance.
We are co-chaired by Zan Leisher, ISA Chair, and Hannah Blencowe of the Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive, & Child Health (MARCH) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. To find out more about our group, please explore the tabs below.

Join us!

SAWG members come from all over the world and we are always excited to welcome new members, especially parents and those from countries with high stillbirth numbers. Please note that if your main interest is bereavement support or prevention, you may be more interested in ISA’s Bereavement Working Group or Prevention Working Group. If your interest is using advocacy as a tool for ending preventable deaths and ensuring respectful care after death, consider joining SAWG!

If you are new to advocacy…

Many SAWG members have no background in global or regional work, or in advocacy. We warmly welcome everyone who shares our vision and mission! If you are new to this work, we hope you will find the tabs below helpful. Please contact us at with questions or suggestions!

We create meaningful connections for our members around the world.

Global impact

We seek out partnerships on every continent to realize our mission of ending preventable deaths and ensuring respectful care


We work with our member organizations to connect people locally across the globe and thereby improve standards of care within their region.

Saving Lives

By unifying the work being done in research, clinical practice and communities, we are helping reduce the unacceptably high loss of lives through stillbirth.

Data Driven

We support rigorous scientific research to ensure effective action for stillbirth and newborn death prevention and bereavement support.