The International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) joins the call with the other organisations and groups to defend access to safe and quality abortion care of millions of American women and girls. The evidence informs us that access to safe abortions can save lives and contribute to women’s wellbeing; and that the health of poor, under-represented communities may benefit the most from access to safe abortion. With restricting safe abortion, the United States Supreme Court decision to dismantle Roe vs Wade is a decision that will cost lives for years to come. ISA does not support this undermining of sexual and reproductive rights of women, which can lead to damaging or disastrous results for the women and their babies. ISA supports the World Health Organisation’s recommendation that abortion be available on the request of the woman, girl or other pregnant person without the authorization of any other individual, body or institution. We are committed to women and girls in the United States and elsewhere to decide for their own future and protect their well-being.